Valerie Levitt Halsey represents buyers and sellers of residential real estate throughout the Los Angeles area. A life long resident of Los Angeles, she has a deep knowledge of the Westside, Eastside, and the San Fernando Valley. Her experience with residential development and design makes her particularly adept at helping both buyers and sellers maximize the value of their property. 

Valerie attended Brandeis University and graduated from New York University, then returned to Los Angeles to become a producer of feature films and television. Her longstanding interest in design and development led her to embark on a major renovation of a mid century architectural residence in Nichols Canyon. That project's success inspired Valerie to pursue a full-time career in the real estate industry. 

Valerie prides herself on exceeding client expectations and ensuring that the experience of buying or selling is rewarding and fun. She believes in the importance of thorough research, persistence, and clear communication, and she always takes the time to truly understand her clients' needs so that she may tailor her services accordingly.